P L U T O B E A N - "The Runaway" Single Review By Milena Calado

P L U T O B E A N - "The Runaway" Single Review By Milena Calado

March 9, 2022

(Translated from Portuguese)

PLUTO BEAN showcases alternative rock on new single “The Runaway”

Alternative rock is at its peak, showing that it still has a long way to go and a lot to yield. So each step is being built and many artists appear to give light to their art. This is the case of PLUTO BEAN who has just released his newest single “The Runaway”, a blockbuster song with a powerful sound that makes the listener delirious. It's impossible not to think how electrifying this song is and how strong and vigorous its beat is. It's for listening and head banging.

The singer tells us that he is well known on Youtube for having a channel there that talks about astrology and tarot reading. And the most interesting thing is that he has thousands of views with his videos. He also comments that he has a podcast that is geared towards topics about self-help and spirituality. In other words, he has some very intriguing facets that make us want to know more about his work inside and outside of music.

Listen to what he has to say and also take the opportunity to discover his mystical side. It is interesting when the artist manages to walk through art and esoterism. So, take a few minutes of your time to listen to this beautiful work and enjoy it. Increase the volume of your sound.