Intuitive Tarot Reading + 2 Questions

Intuitive Tarot Reading + 2 Questions

20 min Intuitive Tarot Reading +2 Questions - $65.00

Email - [email protected] to book

This reading is 20 minutes long. I utilize up to 4 different tarot decks, including the Occult Tarot, Angel Tarot, Heaven and Hell Tarot and a Classic Rider Waite deck, along with my 7 Tibetan Chakra Bells.

My Chakra Bell tarot layout is unique to only me and allows for a deeper more targeted approach to finding blockages and messages.

I’m the only tarot reader on the planet who uses this system to read messages from the divine.

  • Readings are in prerecorded video format. I supply you with a link to access your private reading as many times as you like